1) Will Fret Zealot work with left-handed guitars?

Yes! The only difference is that the “spine” of Fret Zealot will be on the bottom (ground side) of the neck for left-handed guitars. It’s very smooth and only 1.5mm in height along the spine (less in height above the frets of course), so it will still be unnoticed while playing.

2)  Does Fret Zealot work on acoustic guitars?

Yes! We show a lot of electric guitar action in the videos, but Fret Zealot works on all full size guitars.

3) Will Fret Zealot installation damage my guitar?

Nope! The adhesive we use is removable (similar to how sticky notes work) and will not damage your guitar should you decide to remove Fret Zealot at some point.

4) Can I remove Fret Zealot from one guitar and put it on another?

Yes! We don’t recommend doing it more than one or two times, though, because the adhesive will lose some of it’s “stick” each time you transfer Fret Zealot.

5) Will Fret Zealot work on any full scale guitar?

Yes! You just need a full size guitar (i.e. not a “junior” guitar). Fret Zealot was designed to be compatible with all mass market normal guitars. The two most common (as in 99.99% of guitars) scale lengths are 24.75” (e.g. Gibson) and 25.5” (e.g. Fender). Fret Zealot is manufactured to fit both of these sizes and anywhere in-between. On the smallest scale lengths, the LED strip is situated directly/flush behind the fret, whereas with the slightly larger scale-lengths, there is a small gap in the higher frets, but the LED indication is still very clear and intuitive.

6) Will there be enough chords and songs in the app?

Chords, scales, and tuning are super easy and the app will have anything you can possibly want to play. If it’s somehow missing, let us know (email support@fretzeppelin.com) and we’ll push an update immediately! We’re even making the chords and scales automatically update according to any custom tuning you set up on your guitar. Imagine how cool that’s going to be! The new chords on the specific tuning will be displayed instantly instead of you having to transpose or look them up.

All popular (or even marginally popular) songs exist in freely-available MIDI files, so we can display any of the tabs (on Fret Zealot of course) that you find on tabulature (tabs) websites. You can also upload or create your own tabs. You can rate each tab so that you and other users can find the best tabs for various songs. We guarantee you will not feel limited by the selection of songs in the app :-).

7) I still have questions! How can I contact the Fret Zealot team?

Please email support@fretzealot.com or fill out the contact form here. We usually respond within 24 – 48 hours!