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6 DIY Hacks to Customize Fret Zealot for Your Guitar

All Fret Zealots are innovators. Just by nature of picking FZ, you stand out. Now, you can borrow some of the ideas below to further customize and enhance your style. Use a Longer Audio Cable Don’t let the cable length inhibit you. You can practice with the pack unattached to your guitar, or simply broaden […]

Fret Zealot is Great for Kids

Some amazing things come in threes, like The French Hens, The Stooges, and of course, the core of the BLT sandwich with 3 main ingredients: bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Some great music groups come in threes, too – like The Supremes, The Dixie Chicks, and…Hanson? Destiny’s Child? Ok. Maybe not. Nirvana, though. That’s a legendary […]

5 Reasons Fret Zealot is Worth the Wrapping Paper

Since its release into the world, Fret Zealot receives a lot of reviews. Why? Because shiny lights, sure, but also- it works. This is new LED tech is designed so anyone and everyone can learn to play the guitar – so you can play, so your kids can play, so your 90 year old grandpa […]

Know Your Guitar and Play It Well

It is critical to understand your guitar, to know the instrument’s body, and how it works from the inside out. It helps you become a better player and helps you use the instrument correctly. It is just as important to practice efficiently and with proper technique. For these reasons, and because we want you to […]